Thursday, July 3, 2014

Visiting Remetschwiel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Over the past several years I have visited a number of places that relate to my family history. The one that I have yet to visit, and is arguably the most important, is the place from which my 2nd great grandfather and his two brothers emigrated around 1866. That location is Remetschwiel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and is located about an hour from Zurich, Switzerland.

Remetschwiel is near Waldshut which may have provided administrative support for the smaller town, and still might.

My interest is in visiting both Waldshut and Remetschwiel and seeing areas in both towns that might have existed in the mid-1800s when my relatives apparently lived in the area. A visit to a local catholic church in either or both towns would be a plus, possibly obtaining contact information so that I could obtain more information on the family through German church records.

I have no immediate dates planned for visiting the area, but anticipate that it would likely be in 2015 or later with the initial stop being in Zurich, Switzerland. Since the distance is reasonably close, I'm guessing that it might be a simple day trip (or two).

If you know of anyone in the area who could arrange for a visit to these areas, preferably someone with knowledge of the two German towns, please contact me at

I reside in Northern California, United States of America.
Thursday, July 3, 2014