Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wedding Photograph -1909

The above photograph appears to be a wedding photograph of my grandfather, Casimir Theodore Yehle and his bride Katherine Germing taken around the date of their wedding, 11 May 1909, in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

I cannot identify the two individuals on either side of the picture, maybe the best man and maid of honor (?) and maybe related. Any information on their identifies would be appreciated. .

Richard Yehle
Sacramento CA

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family Photograph from the 1910s

The photograph is from the early 1910s (circa 1912-1913), probably taken in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The people in the picture are my ancestors:

Standing:  Marie Agnes (Theissen) and Casimir Theodore Yehle, my grandparents

Sitting with child:  Anna C. (Sturm) and Michael Germing, my 2nd great grandparents. The child is Casimir Capistran Yehle, my father. He was born in 1910.

The individuals on either end are Katherine (Germing) and Lambert Yehle, my great grandparents.

[The identifications have been corrected thanks to Dennis Kemper who's grandmother, Mary Veronica Germing Kemper identified them many years ago. Thank you Dennis for sharing.]

Marie Agnes Theissen was adopted following the death in 1887 of her biological mother, Maria Itirwer (Hatch). Even though her biological father, Vincent, Hatch, lived until 1919 and did remarry in 1889, the six daughters were given up to an orphanage.

Katherine (Germing) is the daughter of Michael and Anna Germing and the sister of Mary Veronica Kemper and Susan Cecelia Loutch.

This photograph came to me via my Aunt who died in 2000 in Missouri. My trip to Trenton Missouri in 2006 resulted in collecting a treasure trove of photo albums and other memorabilia.

Richard Yehle
Sacramento CA

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Foto Fold's - Any Ideas?

As I was going back over some items I have in my Aunt’s photo collection (she died in 2000), I found two unique items that I can’t seem to find out anything about.

They are called “Foto Fold's" and are raised pictures in a fold-able container. I’ve attached three photos:

Closed image shows the two closed. One is the back and the other the front which is die cut.
Opened image shows both opened. One is a single picture of my grandmother and the other my Aunt, father and grandmother (their mother).
Side View shows that the item is not flat but raised. The raised part fits into the cut out piece on the right which then closes to the fold-able container.

I don’t know when these were taken but my grandmother died in 1956 so it is before that. My dad was in the army until 1945 so it is after that. He was born in 1910 so I’m guessing that it is either late 1940s or early 1950s. 

Any information that you may have regarding this type of photography would be appreciated.