Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Plata Argentina - #6

As I try to find information about La Plata Argentina, I am posting some additional scanned documents.

This posting contains Argentina and Brazilian documents for Casimir T. Yehle dated in 1915. Casimir worked for Armour and Company, a meat packer, generally in Argentina but apparently at some point coordinating with the Brazilian arm of the company. These documents provided some information, including an address in La Plata, not formerly known - thus demonstrating that taking a close look at documents that you may have in your possession may provide clues.


 The above item is a personal ID card labeled Cedula de Identidad [Citizenship card identity]. The card was issued on 12 November 1915 and shows my great grandfather, his thumb print and his signature along with information provided by Argentina authorities. The card is for the Province of Buenos Aires which included La Plata where he was employed.

This is the outside holder of the "Brazil / Carte de Identidade / Estado de Sao Paulo"
[Brazil / Identity Card / State of Sao Paulo]

Inside the Brazilian ID card packet are two items - the first is a visa stamp from Argentina. The "Formula dactyloscopica" numbers are identical to that on the Argentina ID Card shown previously in this posting.

This is the interior of the Brazilian Identity Card. Note that it provides the name of her father and mother along, his birthdate and his picture. The family resided in Argentina from 1915-1921, note that this document is dated 27 February 1923, apparently a return trip to the area for Armour & Company of Brazil. I had information on the 1921 return to the United States and a 1925 trip, but this document shows a 1923 trip that hasn't as yet supported by passenger ship records.

This document was issued on 30 November 1915 in La Plata, Capital of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The document again shows the name of Casimir's parents (in Spanish), his height, his birthdate, where employed. The document also shows an address: calle 8 num. 1343.


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