Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La Plata Argentina - #1

As I try to find information about La Plata Argentina, I am posting several items based on documents from the period that my grandfather and family resided in the area. The first is an entry in a baby book for my aunt, Marie I. Yehle, 1914-2000.

Do you have additional information?
  Question 1: Do you have any information concerning the Sportsman Hotel in La Plata?
  Question 2: Do you have any additional information concerning the Visari steamship and stops at Buenos  Aires?

Remember: I do not speak or read Spanish.

The baby book entry reads as follows:

Baby's Outings and Journeys

Baby went to La Plata S.A. [South America]. Left St. Joseph [Missouri] March 21st [1915], went to Chicago, then to N.Y. then on the steamer "Vasari." Was on water 3 wks. Baby was cross the first 3 days out. After that fine, landed in Buenos Aires on Apr 18, 1915. Then came to "La Plata" after 2 days in B. A. [Buenos Aires]. Was at Sportsman Hotel 3 wks then moved in house. Baby health near fine all the time.
The Cunard Line had a ship named the S.S. Vasari which may be the one my grandparents took to Buenos Aires.

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