Tuesday, April 13, 2010

La Plata Argentina - #4

As I try to find information about La Plata Argentina, I am posting another set of photographs taken from a photograph album. The time frame and people are unknown. The people are likely neighbors and/or friends circa 1915-1921 during the time that my grandfather, grandmother and their two children resided in the area.

This photo is identified as "our home". It was a residential building in La Plata during the 1915-1921 period. Does anyone know if the building still exists and where it might be located?

This photo contains a view of Plaza Rivasaria (top left); Lago Bosque (top right)

This page shows an older woman  at the upper right identified as "Senora Carmen Martin" [the surname may be wrong], A boy named Robert shows up with my father and aunt in the top center photo. The people on the seat at the bottom right is identified as being in the Bosque. The bottom left is another open space.

Any information on the locations or people would be appreciated.

Richard Yehle
Sacramento California USA

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