Monday, April 5, 2010

The Start of Something New - A Blog

At some point one needs to take the plunge... So here is my first effort at my own blog posting.

The purpose of this blog is multifold:

1) To post some photographs taken in La Plata Argentina between 1915-1921. The hope is that someone from the area will find the blog and recognize the locations, family, etc. in the images. I hope to visit La Plata in early 2011 to "walk in the footsteps" of my grandfather, grandmother, father and aunt - all of which are deceased. My grandfather (Casimir T. Yehle) was in Argentina working for Amour & Company Meat Packers during those years. With him was the entire family. My dad came back with a love of Argentina and South America as a whole. I would like to understand what he felt.

2) To investigate the three Yehle (German spelling = Jehle) brothers who came to the US in 1866-1867. Lambert Yehle, my great grandfather, ended up in Maryville Missouri and later moved to Saint Joseph Missouri. Alois Yehle ended up in La Crosse Wisconsin and Fridolin Yehle ended up in Kansas. I need more information to verify that the Alois and Fridolin Yehle families that I am aware of are actually the brothers of Lambert. Additionally, Lambert rented a butcher shop from Willibald Yehle, a judge in Maryville Missouri. I would like to get more information on that family to see if there was some relationship back in Baden.

3) To obtain as much information from Baden as possible to flesh out the rest of the family before the brothers came to the US. I haven't verified the parents names, other siblings or aunts/uncles, etc. The Jehle surname is reasonably common in Baden so investigating those relationships has been more difficult.

If you have information concerning any of these items, I'd love to hear from you. I will be posting more information in the coming weeks and months and with luck will find someone who has similar interests. Please note that I neither speak nor write Spanish or German.

My listed url on the main blog page will take you to the Yehle/Krause page on rootsweb and provide much more than I have said here. As all genealogists know, all research is continual and will likely take a lifetime.

I answer all inquries and will provide whatever assistance I can for your own research.

Richard Yehle

Sacramento, California USA

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