Thursday, April 8, 2010

La Plata Argentina # 3

As I try to find information about La Plata Argentina, I am posting several sets of photographs taken from a photograph album. The time frame and people are unknown. They were likely neighbors and/or friends circa 1915-1921 during the time that my grandfather, grandmother and their two children resided in the area.

This sheet identifies Pearo Caneroni, his mother and sister. The picture on the bottom right shows two men and a wagon pulled by what appears to be ox - they are not identified.

This sheet identifies the young man in the center as Ignacio de la Fuente Arg[entina] family. The upper left is apparently his sister and the bottom right shows Stefana and cassie [Casimir C. Yehle - my father]. The upper left photo is identified as a group of boy scouts.

I would appreciate any information on the identity of the people or locale.

Richard Yehle
Sacramento California USA

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